What is Calisthenics?
Calisthenics is also known as body weight training. It involves exercises preformed using only your body weight movements such as pull-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks. Calisthenic training not only improves your health, strength and body physique but it also develops your body movement. Many of the workouts focus on your core strength which helps build a strong foundation for the your entire body.

Who is Dallasthenics?
Dallasthenics is a community/group that came together through the love of fitness, health and most importantly a passion for calisthenics. The name is basically a play on words using "Dallas" and "Calisthenics". All of the team members live in or with in the Dallas area and meet regularly at a park located in Dallas. Everyone in the team brings his/hers best strength to the park and we all feed off each others energy. Dallasthenics promotes health, motivation, creativity and inspiration. We encourage others to think outside the box when it comes to staying fit and we are always welcoming new people to join our meets.

When and where do we meet?
We hold our meets at the fitness park located at White Rock Lake at 1001-1075 Emerald Isle Dr, Dallas, TX 75218. We may host a meet at a different park however we usually give a weeks notice if we change location. As of now we only meet on Sunday mornings from 10:00 to noon. However some of the team members are often at the park through out the week. if you are ever wanting to get out and learn you can always send us a message and there is usually a couple members willing meet at White Rock. 

How much is it to join?
Free! The meets are completely free. We are community of folks that encourage people to get out of the gym from time to time and use your creativity to get a workout in. We use the city parks to inspire others to do the same and experience training outside. The gym is great and its nice to get in and out and have everything you need, but training outside can be fun, productive and challenging. It not only challenges your body but your mind as well.

We do have Dallasthenic merchandise that can be purchased to represent your local street workout team and help build the movement. Private training is available also. Come join us and get inspired!